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Spinal Cord Injury BC minisite for 2015 Annual Report

Salvation Army Annual Report. This is a series of videos, text, and downloadable PDFs Here's an article that talks about their decision to move from print to online.

Community Housing Partnership 2013-2014, includes slideshow in mini-site format

Dispatches: Social Change in Action

Audubon Naturalist Society - 2014 annual report

Population Action International Annual Report
This slideshow-format annual report features video, photos and abbreviated summaries of the year's accomplishments. Users also have the option of downloading the full report as a PDF.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Foundation Center Annual Reports
Interactive mini-websites with downloadable condensed version in PDF:

We Are Cultural Vistas Annual Report interactive minis-ite - Built and designed in-house. It features a fully responsive website design in order to provide visitors with a seamless and consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Includes sites for annual reports from 2013-15.

Trickle Up 2012 Annual Report Site - minisite built using weebly.com

Elevation Church 2012 Annual Report interactive minisite

IREX 2012 Online Annual Report (special section on their main website)

The Silk Road Project FY11 Annual Report This report includes YouTube videos, a photo slideshow, pop-up quotes and longer message text, and an interactive timeline. It was designed as a PDF with placeholders for web elements and then converted for an online magazine-display platform.
The Silk Road Project FY12 Annual Report
The Silk Road Project 10-Year Report This report is a mini website that covers the organization's first 10 years, with YouTube video, photo viewers, and collapsible text and timeline.


The Atlantic Philanthropies. They produced a series of letters and posted sections to their Facebook page, encouraging comments and discussion to happen there.

Humanity United Foundation
"I am the Redwood" 2014-2015 Annual Report Minisite